How Do You Believe When You're Suffocating In The Dark?

Why there is hope for each and every one of us

“O soul steeped in darkness, do not despair. All is not yet lost. Come and confide in your God, who is love and mercy.” - Divine Mercy In My Soul

Today I have read an article (Darkness and Union in Therese of Lisieux and her Story of a Soul) discussing how St. Therese of Lisieux experienced the dark night of the soul and how she was able to identify with unbelievers through this darkness.

This article was very relevant for me because I have recently felt a bit distant from God. Not that I'm holy like St. Therese. But I can very well relate to the feeling of spiritual aridity.

When I'm in this void, I reflect more about the situation of those who have not yet found God. Without Him, how would anyone live their lives? It seems very difficult.

In that state, I feel alone, and since I'm alone, there is much tendency for anxiety. Everything seems unstable, you don't know what or whom to hold on to. You don't know where to base your hopes upon. You try to find a glimpse of light, but all you have is suffocating darkness.

Faith is a gift. Had I not been given faith, and had I not felt God's presence, what would have become of me? Who am I to judge those who have not even had a glimpse of Him?

As believers, we may sometimes have a tendency to misjudge those who have not yet known God. We can immediately conclude that they are being stubborn, or that they are consciously choosing to ignore God. But how could we be certain of that? Only God can fully comprehend the human soul. Who knows what heights of holiness such souls would reach once they know how much God loves them?

It is also within this perspective that I remember the plight of those considered as psychopaths and sociopaths. (By the way, I’m currently watching the following Korean Dramas featuring similar psychological conditions: “Flower of Evil” and “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay” from VIU and Netflix.)

I am not a psychology expert so I'd like to ask pardon if there may be any errors in this post. But trying to base it on my general understanding and on stereotype images formed about them, it is very hard to imagine what kind of lives they live.

Some people even consider them to have no souls because they seem to have no capacity for love, empathy and deep human emotions.

When I first learned about them, I was almost shocked. How could there be such people if people were created in the image of God?

I am not trying to invalidate the mental and emotional state of people. But I'd like to believe that there is hope for everyone. If God can make even the dead rise again, could He not bring to life also the souls of those who seem to be emotionally dead in the eyes of the world?

No person can know another soul entirely as God does. Only God knows the hidden key that would set our souls free from the darkness. God is Light, and He would find a way to shine for us, especially for those who need Him most.

“For you will light my lamp, Lord. My God will light up my darkness.” - Psalms 18:28 WEBBE

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